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Black Country Freedom Tree – What is it? - Saddles Direct

Black Country Freedom Tree – What is it?

We are being asked lots recently for “Freedom tree” Black Country saddles so we thought we would explain what it is and what benefits it can offer when fitted to the correct horse.

Black Country offers 7 different tree types which offer something different for each saddle and horse fitted to:

What is the Black Country Freedom Tree?

The Freedom tree was developed with your flatter backed wider horse or pony in mind. It does it exactly what it says on the tin offering a more open head for Freedom of the wither and shoulder enabling the width to be wider without compromising tree shape. Very often when a standard tree goes out to the wider fits this changes the profile of the shape creating a curve and often flipping up the back of the cantle off the horses back. The Freedom tree can go out to XXW while remaining flat in the profile to remain in balance on the horses back.

Saddle Tree Fit Examples
What we have found is some people are getting the concept confused and believe that their horse needs a freedom tree, for freedom which without knowing the tree shape who wouldn’t! However if you have a horse with a wither and a rising top-line to the croup, the freedom tree would likely bridge front and back causing pressure points behind the scapula and at T18 (last rib.)

Black Country Freedom Tree vs Spring Tree

Another common miss-conception we have come across is the confusion between “spring tree”, which all Black Country Saddle Trees are spring trees, and Freedom Tree. 99% of the time the Black country saddles will be stamped on the sweat flap “Spring Tree” and this is being confused as being the same thing as “Freedom Tree” which isn’t the case.

How to tell what tree your Black Country saddle is on

On newer saddles if the saddle has an X stamped near the sizing this shows the saddle has been built on a Freedom Tree, older models don’t tend to so the easiest way to know is to get in touch with Black Country with the serial number and they will give the exact specification at point of manufacture.

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