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Saddle Services

Our team of in-house saddle fitters means we can offer a wide range of saddle services from repairs to adjustments.

As a fully functioning saddlery with in-house fitters we offer a complete saddle fitting service.

This means you can shop with confidence, knowing we'll still be here after you've bought the saddle, for any adjustments or aftercare and support you need.

Flocking Adjustments

Flocking Adjustments

Our in-house fitters are fully trained and certified by the Society of Master Saddlers (SMS) to provide flocking adjustments and full re-flocking.

Saddle Bench Adjustments

Saddle Bench Adjustments

While adjustable saddles offer remarkable flexibility, it's essential to understand that they are not universal. Always get your saddle adjustments carried out by a brand approved saddle fitter.

Society of master saddlers
Replacement gullet bars

Replacement Gullet Bars

Most gullet bars can be replaced at home with a simple screwdriver, but make sure you follow the brand guidance procedure.

If you're not sure about your saddle, talk to us and we'll help you find out if it has an adjustable gullet bars.

Leather Work

Leather Work

As a fully working saddlery, we can help with replacement girth straps, stirrup leathers and more.

“Had 3 saddles checked, flocked & adjusted to fit & also purchased a dressage saddle. Lovely to finally find a decent saddle fitter who actually fits the saddle & makes a follow up appointment to recheck.”

– Richard Packer via Trustpilot