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Independent Saddle Fitter Network

We are proud to have 25+ independent fitters across the UK! They all have access to our huge saddle inventory, as well as regular training days to be confident in working with a wide range of saddle brands.

Local saddle fitters near you

Why choose a local saddle fitter from our network?

Our network of independent saddle fitters have access to our extensive saddle inventory, enabling them to bring you the most saddle options directly to your fitting. It's a simple as that. Our saddle fitters do get a commission if you buy a saddle with them, as our way of saying thank you and our competitive commission rates encourage an impartial assessment, based on fit not price.

We're here to support our fitters every step of the way, so they can support you every step of the way. We provide reduced shipping rates to lighten the load on their business operations and our commitment extends beyond just saddles. We offer trade prices on all service parts, underpinning our dedication to optimal saddle fit.

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Want to become a saddle fitter?

We're proud partners with the International Academy of Saddle Fitters!

Want to become one of our independent fitters?

Tell us a bit more about yourself, and one of our team will reach out with all the details.

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