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Saddles Direct and IASF Join Forces to Support Saddle Fitters and Equine Welfare - Saddles Direct

Saddles Direct and IASF Join Forces to Support Saddle Fitters and Equine Welfare

Saddles Direct, the industry leader in saddle education, fitting, trials, sales, and second-hand saddle purchases, is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with the International Academy of Saddle Fitters (IASF). This partnership is set to redefine the landscape of saddle fitting, equine welfare, and rider satisfaction.

Saddles Direct has been a pioneer in the world of saddles since 2004, offering comprehensive saddle services, fitting consultations, and an extensive inventory of high-quality saddles. From their base in the North West, and having a dedicated saddle fitter servicing Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, and Herefordshire, they have become synonymous with excellence and accessibility in the saddle industry.

On the other side of this remarkable partnership stands the IASF, an organisation that shares our unwavering commitment to equine welfare and strives to raise the bar for saddle fitter training. They offer high-quality saddle fitter courses, cultivating the next generation of world-class saddle fitters who prioritise the well-being of horses.

What This Collaboration Means:

The collaboration between Saddles Direct and the IASF is a testament to our shared mission, vision, and values. Together, we are dedicated to:

Enhancing Accessibility: Riders and saddle fitters now have unparalleled access to an extensive inventory of saddles, allowing them to make informed choices based on fit, not just price or availability.

Competitive Commission Rates: Saddle fitters are incentivized to provide impartial assessments, ensuring that the horse's comfort always takes precedence.

Reduced Shipping Rates: Lightening the load on saddle fitters' business operations by offering reduced shipping rates.

Trade Prices on Service Parts: Demonstrating our commitment to achieving optimal saddle fit by providing trade prices on all service parts.

This collaboration means that investing in a saddle fitting or purchasing a saddle isn't just a transaction; it's an investment in the happiness and health of your horse. It's also a vote of confidence in the saddle fitting community, supporting their mission to serve horses and riders better.

Lisa Fay, Founder & Course Director of the International Academy of Saddle Fitters, expressed her delight in this collaboration, saying:

"We couldn't be happier to be working alongside this forward-thinking company. Saddles Direct represents everything we stand for—a strong dedication to equine welfare, accessibility of saddles, saddle fitters, and education."

Sarah Lavelle Huxley, Founder of Saddles Direct, also shared her enthusiasm, stating:

"There are less than 500 saddle fitters in the UK, to look after more than 800,000 horses. As an industry, we need more saddle fitters and we want to do everything we can to help newly-qualified saddle fitters find their feet and help as many horses and riders as possible."

How to Get Involved:

Becoming a Saddle Fitter: If you're interested in becoming a saddle fitter, please contact the IASF by emailing or call 02034 889 366. Visit IASF's website to learn more.

Join the Independent Saddle Fitter Community: If you're interested in joining Saddles Direct’s Network of Independent Fitters, please contact or call 01282 471911. Visit Saddles Direct's website to learn more.

Saddles Direct and the IASF are excited about the opportunities this collaboration will create for the equine community. Together, we aim to ensure that every horse and rider can enjoy the perfect fit, enhancing their overall riding experience while prioritising equine welfare.

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