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Proudly working with

International academy of saddle fitters

We are delighted to be working alongside the IASF to bring you an online saddle fitting course specifically tailored for horse owners!

The International Academy of Saddle Fitters (IASF) offer a nationally recognised certification and accredited saddle fitter training for horse owners and aspiring saddle fitters.

This online saddle fitting course for horse owners will help you to understand the risks and signs of poor saddle fit, the impact of saddle anatomy on horse & rider and common mistakes so you can monitor your saddle fit at home.

Learn about Saddle Fit

We're delighted to be able to offer you 25% off the horse owners saddle fitting course with code "SADDLESDIRECT"

"We couldn't be happier to be working alongside this forward-thinking company. Saddles Direct represents everything we stand for—a strong dedication to equine welfare, accessibility of saddles, saddle fitters, and education."

– Lisa Fay, IASF Founder & Course Director

Why is my saddle so important to my horse's welfare?

Most of the time, the first sign of a problem is when the horse starts to compensate. It could be a subtle change in their way of going, or more drastic behaviours such as bucking & rearing under saddle.

If we check the saddle regularly, or when we know the horse has changed shape, we could have prevented the pain, discomfort or injury (not to mention all the expense that goes with it) long before your horse has to compensate.

We're horse owners too and we know the costs mount up. So we've teamed up with the experts to give you 2 simple things you can do at home that cost less than a saddle fitting.

We want you to call your saddle fitter when you know you need to, not when you think there's an issue.

The Perfect Fit Kit

The next step in monitoring your horse's back health.

The Perfect Fit Kit

The next step in monitoring your horse's back health.

Saddle Fitting

Advice and tips on Saddle Fitting

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