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From buying guides, back health advice and saddle fitting tips, we want you to make the most informed decisions for your horse.

Saddle Fitting Advice

We know saddles aren't easy, so we want to help horse owners and riders get comfortable with measuring their horses and monitoring their saddle fit at home.

Choosing the Correct Gullet Bar Size for Your Adjustable Saddle - Saddles Direct

Choosing the Correct Gullet Bar Size for Your Adjustable Saddle

How to Determine the Correct Gullet Bar Size for Your Horse's Adjustable Saddle When it comes to adjustable gullet saddles, understanding the right gullet bar size for your horse is...

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5-step Saddle Fit Check - Saddles Direct

5-step Saddle Fit Check

Here at Saddles Direct we know that one of the most paramount aspects of equine management is finding and correctly fitting a saddle. A well-fitted saddle can allow an equine partnership to achieve benefits...

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6 Reasons to Get Your Saddle Checked - Saddles Direct

6 Reasons to Get Your Saddle Checked

Are you guilty of the “if it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it” approach to your saddle? It’s understandable, but neglecting your saddle can lead to discomfort for both you and...

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What to expect during a Saddle Fitting - Saddles Direct

What to expect during a Saddle Fitting

Communication ahead of your saddle fitting is so important to finding the perfect fit. If it’s your first time seeing a saddle fitter and you haven’t got a clue, that’s...

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Saddle Advice

All things saddles.. from saddle care to selling a saddle and everything in-between!

Saddle Buying Guide - Saddles Direct

Saddle Buying Guide

By Steff Tabah

Whether you’re new to saddles, overwhelmed by the options or want to know what to consider when buying a saddle, you’ve come to the right place. Finding the perfect fit The...

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6 Top Tips for Saddle Care - Saddles Direct

6 Top Tips for Saddle Care

By Steff Tabah

Here at Saddles Direct, we pride ourselves on being more than just a network of saddle fitters; we are a community of passionate individuals dedicated to providing you with the...

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Product Guides

From saddles to stirrups and beyond! We get asked for recommendations all the time, so we've put products to the test to give you honest advice from all our expert fitters and sponsored riders combined.

Horse Care Advice

We're horse people too and between us we've tried and tested nearly every trick in the book! So here's some of the things we've learned along the way that might help you take care of your horse.

How to take your horse's back templates - Saddles Direct

How to take your horse's back templates

Understanding the Process of Templating Templating is a crucial technique employed by saddle fitters to assess and record a horse's shape during regular saddle fitting appointments. This process allows both...

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Stretching exercises for your horse - Saddles Direct

Stretching exercises for your horse

Have you ever trained at the gym, been out for a run or even had a day of intensive riding and felt that achey muscle feeling for a few days...

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