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Top 10 Jump Saddles Unveiled - Saddles Direct

Top 10 Jump Saddles Unveiled

Top 10 Jump Saddles

There are a multitude of jump saddles to feast your eyes upon this season, which are sure to suit a range of styles, fitting requirements and budgets. Taking into consideration our customer’s buying behaviour and combining it with Saddle Direct’s leading industry knowledge, we have accumulated the best of the best jump saddles, as breeding and horse training evolves.

1. Bates Advanta

The Bates Advanta saddle is specially designed to provide both the horse and the rider with an advantage and therefore, this saddle is in high demand in 2021. The desirable saddle is crafted from Luxe leather and provides unrivalled contact with your horse – an element that is particularly favoured by event riders. 

2. Albion K2 Jump

Boasting a supersoft seat along with a closer positive leg position, the Albion K2 Jump saddle is a staple favourite which has been around since the year 2000. Albion have a keen focus on creating the finest jump saddles for both riders and their horse.

3. Equipe synergy

If you’re looking for a much lighter saddle, the Equipe Synergy could be the one for you!

With a synthetic tree, the Equipe Synergy is much lighter than most and has a single flap for closer contact with pre formed panels and wide gullet. This model also comes with a square cantle and anatomically shaped knee rolls.

4. Bates Victrix

With a keen attention to detail, the Bates Victrix is a firm favourite of our experts and customers at Saddles Direct. A key feature of the Bates Victrix is the synergy panel, which allows for optimal performance when jumping or riding cross country.

5. Kent and Masters S Series

The popular Kent and Masters S Series saddle has been designed so that the rider can dynamically adjust their centre of balance when jumping. Suitable for a wide range of horse compilations, this Kent and Masters saddle is perfect for jumping and cross country riding, with forward cut-flaps and moveable blocks combining to provide solid support for the riders legs in a short jumping position.

6. Arena Jump

Featuring protective cushioning for maximum support and comfort when jumping, the Arena Jump is made from European leather. Additionally, low-care synthetic material is used underneath the saddle for the section that sits on the horse’s back.

7. Ideal Impala

A firm favourite that has been designed in conjunction with expert riders, is the Ideal Impala. Furthermore, the Ideal Impala saddle tree is crafted with the thought of suiting horses and riders who may be trickier and less conventional when it comes to saddle fittings.

8. Equipe Expression

Another saddle from one of our favourite brands, the Equipe Expression, is produced by one of the best Saddle manufacturers around and is considered to be an incredibly reliable and high quality product by our experts.

9. Ideal Grandee

Available in three different knee rolls, the Ideal Grande was designed with a square cantle in order to provide a flatter seat. Crafted in Walsall, this saddle is a strong favourite at Saddles Direct.

10. Albion Kontact Lite

Rounding up the top 10 is the Kontact Lite, which was launched by Albion in 2007. This popular saddle was created with a keen focus on producing a saddle that provides close contact with the horse, a highly desired element from a multitude of event riders. Moreover, the Kontact Lite offers comfort and support when riding cross country.

English equestrian William Fox-Pitt MBE, worked alongside Albion to produce the Kontact Lite saddle, as he had very specific saddle requirements.

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