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How to pack your saddle for posting - Saddles Direct

How to pack your saddle for posting

Are you thinking of selling your saddle online? Does the idea of posting something of high value across the country fill you with dread? Do you worry about packaging the saddle correctly and the risk of it being damaged in transit? Do not worry. Here are 6 easy steps from our Saddle Packing Experts to ensure your beautiful saddle is packed correctly and safely for its journey ahead.

How to pack your saddle for posting in 6 easy steps…

What you need:

  1. Box
  2. Bubble wrap
  3. Parcel tape
  4. Saddle Cover

1. Source a sturdy cardboard box
Ideally one that the saddle will fit into comfortably, without too much room (to avoid unnecessary movement in transit).

Sourcing a box can sometimes be tricky. Ordering one online could be an expensive option.

Try these avenues first:

  • Ask a friend who may have moved house recently
  • Ask your local supermarket or shop
  • Have you ordered anything online recently that came in a box? Use that!

2. Make sure the saddle is clean and has a saddle cover on (if possible)
This will reduce the risk of any potential bumps or marks to the leather. If you do not have a saddle cover, consider wrapping the saddle with a layer of bubble wrap to protect the leather.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure the saddle is clean and free from grease and dirt.

Just before packing carefully clean the saddle with an antibacterial wipe to reduce the spread of Covid19 and any other viruses.

3. Pack it up
Place the saddle in the box onto a cushion of bubble wrap. Lay the saddle “on its back” and ensure the cantle and pommel are well padded. Fill the remaining space (round the edges and the middle) of the box with more bubble wrap (or foam). Make sure the flaps aren’t bent or folded down.

4. Seal all edges using parcel tape
Ensure all of the seams and edges are at least double taped. Re-enforce the corners with more tape if desired.

5. Attach label
Ensure address and all tracking numbers and barcodes are visible.

This may seem obvious, but also use this time to ensure any old labels have been removed from the box to avoid any courier mishaps.

6. Couriers
Here at Saddles Direct, we use the following couriers for all of our shipping – Parcel Force, Hermes, DPD and Royal Mail. Get a tracking number and opt for a “signed for” delivery if possible.

Consider insurance – depending on the value of the saddle, or the service provider you are using, look into insurance options. Just in case.

We hope you have found this article useful.

If you have a saddle to sell, we can help you get a fast sale and the best return.

Now you know how to pack your saddle for posting in 6 easy steps… share this with a friend!

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