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How to Sell Your Saddle on Commission - Saddles Direct

How to Sell Your Saddle on Commission

We are often asked, what is your commission sale? How does it work? So we've broken it down so its super easy to understand for all potential saddle-sellers!

What is a commission saddle sale?

The Commission sale is how Saddles Direct was born, it is a hassle-free way to sell your saddle without having any of the work, we do it all for you.

How does selling your saddle on commission work?

The commission sale is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. We value the saddle for you with the price we can achieve you once sold, the price you receive is the FULL amount you receive at the end once the saddle is sold. We put our commission on the top.

  2. You send the saddle to us and we advertise for our mail-order trial trial service.

  3. We pay you through a chanel of your choice (Bank transfer or PayPal) once the saddle has sold and passed the 14 days customer right to return period.

It really is that simple!

What do we do to earn our Commission?

There is a lot more work involved in the sale of your saddle than you would first think. Here's the 7 steps we carry out to deliver you a hassle-free sale of your saddle:

  • We thoroughly inspect the saddle including the tree, flocking, stitching, girth straps, condition, any marks visible, brand, model and age with our in-house Qualified Society of Master Saddlers’ Saddler.

  • We deep clean and dis-infect all saddles to our highest standards so they are “show room” ready and always customer ready to view. They are subseqently cleaned and inspected each time they leave and return be it with a saddle fitter, customer trial or shipping trial.

  • We photograph your saddle ready for uploading onto the website, each and every saddle is photograped from the side view, front to gauge width and the girth straps. If the saddle has any scuffs or marks we feel a customer would want to see we also photograph those.

every saddle is photograped


  • The saddle is booked in once it has passed the Saddler’s inspection and given a SD sale code, priced and tagged. it then goes online listed and available to trial order.

once inspected each saddle is tagged

  • Once the saddle is ordered for trial it goes out of stock online, at which point we carry out full security checks on the trial customer and discuss the order with them to check the saddle is the correct one for them with the information they give, the last thing we want are saddles going on trial unnecessarily. Again we clean the saddle ready to go out, package in our special made heavy-duty boxes with 4 layers of packaging so the saddle is secure in transit. We always send them fully insured with DPD couriers for next day delivery.

  • On the 3rd day of the customer trial we contact them to see how they have got on, at which point they will either pay for the saddle and purchase or if it hasnt worked for them we arrange collection of the saddle again insured with DPD.

  • Once the customer 14 day right to return the saddle (as per consumer law) has passed the accounts team contact you to arrange payment through a chanel of your choice.

How do I get a Valuation on my Saddle?

We are pleased to offer free saddle valuations 

Head on over to our valuations page, create an account and simply provide your saddle details, along with some photos and our team will contact you with your valuation and discuss your options with you.We send you a full market valuation which you can use for insurance or to prove to the value for a private sale.

Unfortunately we can’t garauntee a sale (we wish we could!) because the market and our stock levels change daily but if we can help, we will and take the stress out of selling your saddle. 

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