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Saddle Fitting Terms and Conditions

Saddles Direct aims for your saddle fitting appointment to be a positive experience. We want everything to run as smoothly as possible. For us to supply a great level of service to you, we have provided terms and conditions that you’ll need to agree when booking your fitting appointment. These terms and conditions offer a level of protection for you and our business. Please make yourself aware of the terms and conditions included in this document.

The terms and conditions are applicable for every saddle fitting appointment undertaken by Saddles Direct’s saddle fitters.

Saddles Direct aims to work with you, the customer, to find the best option for your horse, you, and your budget. The horse’s well-being is our first and foremost concern.

Saddles Direct are happy to work closely with your vet, physio, farrier, or trainer where necessary. To forward any information to them, we would need written consent or email from you to keep within GDPR requirements.

Costs and Payments

The saddle fitting appointment is to be paid in full prior to or on the day of booking.

We accept payment in the form of: BACs, all major forms of credit debit cards over the phone or online excluding AMEX. We do not accept Cheque.

  • Mobile saddle fitting (within our fitting zone) - £75 per horse
  • Mobile saddle fitting (within our fitting zone) for three or more horses on the same yard - £60 per horse
  • Saddle fitting at Myerscough Equine Arena - £50 per horse

The saddle fitting appointment includes the check of one saddle. For each additional saddle to be checked, there is a charge of £20 per saddle. Please confirm how many saddles you need checking when booking as time will need to be allocated for this.

Additional costs for adjustments needed at the time of fitting appointment:

  • Flocking adjustment - starting at £30.
  • Bench adjustment - £30. 
  • Gullet change (if the gullet bar is supplied by Saddles Direct - please check at time of booking) - approximately £24.99 - £30.
  • Girth strap (this can be done at the appointment if notified at the time of booking) - £20 per strap. 

For repair or adjustments needed when the saddle needs to be taken away:

For saddle repair, a quote will be given for the repair when the saddle and repair have been assessed. Payment must be made before the work is carried out.

Full saddle re-flock - £150 – saddle will need to be fitted after it has been re-flocked and then a further 8-week check once the flocking has had a chance to settle (charged at the appropriate fitting fee). Payment must be made prior to the work being carried out.

Costs and Payments: Saddle purchases

Any saddles purchased should be paid in full at the time of the appointment. This includes any saddles that need to be ordered.

Once a saddle is purchased from Saddles Direct, there is a 14-day cooling off period in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

After the sale of a saddle, it is possible that within the first 3-month period the saddle may need to be checked and re-balanced. It is the responsibility of the owner/groom/rider to monitor the condition of the horse and the fit of the saddle. Please contact Saddles Direct as required.

All saddles provided by Saddles Direct will have been safety and quality checked. 

Faulty goods must be returned in 14 days for inspection. If a replacement is eligible, please allow up to 28 days.

Saddles Direct reserves the right to cancel an order or refuses the right to meet an order if any false information has been given. 

Cancellation: Saddle fitting appointments

Saddle fitting appointments cancelled or transferred up to 3 working days before the saddle fitting appointment will be refunded or transferred.

Cancelling/transferring less than 3 working days before the appointment will be refunded 50% of the overall fitting fee.

Cancelling/transferring on the day will be charged at the full fee.

No shows on the day will be charged at the full fee. There will be no transfer available.

The Saddle Fitting Appointment

Saddle fitting - booking

All veterinary history must be disclosed at the time of booking.

Any vices must be disclosed at the time of booking.

Any behavioural issues must be disclosed at the time of booking. For example, biting when being girthed.

Give us as much information about you, your horse, and the current saddle(s) as possible to help ensure that we have everything we need for your appointment.

It is Saddles Direct’s responsibility to inform the client of any difficulties in providing a saddle-fitting service due to distance from us or availability for booking appointments. 

To avoid disappointment, call to book your appointment with a minimum of 3 weeks in advance or as soon as you notice any changes in your horse or the fit of your saddle. We will always work to get you in as soon as possible depending on our availability.

Saddle fitting - the appointment

At the time of the appointment, the horse should be presented clean and dry, ready to be ridden. Saddles Direct reserves the right to refuse if the horse/pony is not ready.

A suitable area with hard standing for the horse to be assessed must be readily available.

A suitable area for the horse to be assessed when ridden under saddle must be readily available.

A full risk assessment will be taken at the premises; however, horses are unpredictable animals and Saddles Direct cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries caused during the appointment.

Have everything that you need ready at the time of the appointment; tack, saddle cloths, girths, your riding boots, and riding hat as you will be expected to ride during the appointment.

Your saddle will be checked for safety and soundness, should your saddle fail, Saddles Direct reserves the right to refuse to fit this saddle.

Your horse will be assessed before checking the fit of any saddle. Should your horse not be sound or show soreness, Saddles Direct reserves the right to refuse to continue with the appointment.

Any new saddles or saddles that have had a full re-flock will need to be checked approximately 8 weeks after purchase as flocking may change considerably as it settles. It is the client’s responsibility within this time to monitor any changes and to contact Saddles Direct as required.

We recommend regular saddle fitting checks every 3 - 6 months. Horses can change shape regularly due to seasonal changes, workload, soundness etc.

In cases where a rehab is underway, saddle checks may need to be more frequent, this will be discussed at the time. 

We recommend booking in any follow up checks at a minimum of 3 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment. Appointments can get booked up quickly, especially during half terms and summer holidays.

Please allow 30 minutes either side of your appointment time to allow for any hold-ups or cancellations. Your saddle fitter will contact you to advise if they will be early or running late.

Allow approximately an hour for a check of your existing saddle(s)

Allow approximately two hours when looking to buy a new saddle.


Any information concerning the owner of the horse/pony in their care, whether given by the owner or someone acting on the owner’s behalf is considered confidential. Saddles Direct will only provide information to a third party in the following circumstances:

- with the owner’s request and written consent

- when required in a court of law

- when there is an obligation to do so under the court of law, including the reporting of a notifiable disease.


To raise a complaint, please refer to our complaints process.