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Top 5 Dressage Saddles Unveiled - Saddles Direct

Top 5 Dressage Saddles Unveiled

Looking for your perfect dressage saddle? Explore our top 5 dressage saddles

Based on customer demand, popularity, comfort and stability, we unveil which dressage saddles have made our ‘top 5’ here at Saddles Direct HQ.

1. The K2 Genesis Dressage Saddle 

Our leading dressage saddle favourite is the Albion K2 Genesis Dressage saddle which features the unique patented Genesis interchangeable tree. This luxurious saddle is perfect as an introductory saddle and allows fitters around the globe to interchange the tree fitting.

If you’re looking for a dressage saddle with a shallower seat combined with a supportive leg position, this comfortable and stylish saddle is the ideal choice for you.

A firm favourite amongst customers old and new and the team here at Saddles Direct HQ, take a closer look at the K2 Genesis Dressage Saddle.

2. Kent and Masters S-Series 

Combining superior craftsmanship, high specification design details and a truly luxurious feel, the Kent and Masters S-Series is a popular choice for riders who require extra support and the close-contact feel
The panels have been innovatively designed to enhance fitting options to suite a wide variety of horses, particularly horses with a small-medium wither and the movable knee support can be altered to suit your leg length. The ghosted stitching on the knee pad also lends itself to contour neatly around the block offering supreme comfort.

The girth straps and adjustable gullet bar system, featuring the longer R-Bar also provides optimum saddle stability too.

A perfect investment to make pre-season if you’re on the lookout for a high quality, adjustable saddle at an affordable price for only £950.00.

3. Ideal Suzannah 

The Ideal Suzannah is one of our most popular dressage saddles. A highly sought-after saddle, that is super comfy to ride in and never sticks around for long!
Recommended for Warmbloods, the Ideal Suzannah has a deep seat, high cantle and large angled thigh blocks to enhance performance and stability.

Designed to suit the modern Warmblood type, the tree has an open head, wide rails and is the perfect match for horses with some wither and fairly straight backs, particularly horses requiring

The deep rear gussets balance the saddle and work well for a horse with a larger differential between the height of the wither and the back.

If you have a horse with a moderate to high wither, a straight or gently rising top line and prefer a deep seat large block saddle with a wide gullet and broad weight bearing panels, the Ideal Suzannah is the one for you!

4. Ideal Jessica

At number 4 we have another Ideal dressage saddle Jessica. The wider gullet of this saddle allows for much more comfort when riding, whilst simultaneously increasing the bearing area in contact with your horse.

Handcrafted in Walsall, the Ideal Jessica is highly comfortable and affordable, making it a very desirable dressage saddle.

5. Arena Cob Dressage

If you have a cob horse looking and are looking for a dressage saddle, look no further than the Arena Cob Dressage saddle. Not only is this model of dressage saddle extremely comfortable with an array of adjustable features, it also features protective cushioning in the form of CAIR Cushion System.

Whether you’re in training or riding at a competition, the Arena Cob Dressage saddle will allow you to feel close through your seat and leg for delivery of your aids, allowing you to ride with confidence.

Other features of this popular dressage saddle includes Ergonomic flex with the Elastiflex Tree and a precision custom-fit through EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution.

Find the best saddle for your needs

At Saddles Direct, we pride ourselves on the service we continue to provide to our customers, the quality of saddles we stock and saddle fitting service we provide.

Have you found the perfect dressage saddle yet?

To help you choose your perfect seat, we are the only saddle retailer in the UK to offer a genuine trail before you buy service, allowing you to choose 2 saddles to trial for 3 days in just 1 click, including SALE saddles.

Seen a saddle you like? Try it before you buy it! Easy. Check out our huge collection of used dressage saddles for sale.

Or, if you seen a saddle you would like to purchase but can’t at this time afford to purchase it out right, no problem. 

For more information and advice, contact us directly today on 01282 471 911.

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