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Sell Your Saddle Before Xmas - Saddles Direct

Sell Your Saddle Before Xmas

Are you needing cash in time for Christmas? Do you have unwanted horse saddles that no longer fit you or your horse? 

Now is the time to sell your used saddles to saddles direct the UK’s longest established second-hand saddle company

Why sell your saddle with Saddles Direct?

Covid & Brexit have created serious supply chain issues to the new horse saddle market, especially to the leading brands, Albion Saddles, Bates Saddles, Wintec Saddles, Kent and Master Saddles, Fairfax Saddles, and most other English Saddle manufacturers.  The wait time on the leading equestrian brands can be up to 7 months, so the demand for used saddles and second-hand saddles has increased.  This unusually long lead time is the same for all disciplines, so we are all affected whether you ride in a GP saddle, Dressage saddle or jumping saddle.

Saddles Direct can sell your used saddle for you, and sometimes we can buy outright, which helps us build up our saddle bank for our saddle fitters to give our customers the best possible chance of finding the right saddle for their horse!

How to sell your saddle?

We have a loyal customer base waiting for saddles, including (not limited to); Albion (Jump and GP), Kent & MastersBates,  Black CountryAmerigo.

If you are not sure if your saddle fits, you can download a free saddle fitting guide at

So head over to the sell your saddle page at “sell your saddle, bank the cash”!

Don’t forget to like and follow us on social media for up to date offers!

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