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The aim of everything Fairfax designs is to enhance your horse’s freedom of movement, strengthen your communication and achieve better results.  Their product designer Vanessa Fairfax is responsible for some of the most exciting saddlery developments in the last decade.  What makes Fairfax Saddles unique is that their designs are thoroughly researched and tested and then scientifically proven using the most up-to-date pressure mapping and gait analysis techniques available.

Fairfax Performance saddles, bridles and girts are designed by professionals for professionals.  The team behind Fairfax combines a mixture of international riding expertise, saddle-fitting acumen and technical design knowledge together with two decades of English saddle-making experience.  All Fairfax saddles, Fairfax bridles and Fairfax girths are made in Walsall, England.

Fairfax Saddles
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